March AW Blog Chain –> “Growing Up”

My esteemed predecessor, Aimeelaine, suggested the awesome March topic of “growing up”.  David Zahir will follow me in the chain.  The rest of the chain participants are listed at the end of the post.  Give ’em all a read–after mine, of course.


I grew up a military brat.

Like many great icons of business in the US, I was incorporated in Delaware.  Over the next sixteen years I moved every two to four years.   I went to four grammar schools and two high schools in Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii (eat your heart out), Georgia, New Jersey then North Carolina when my father retired from the Air Force.

After college (Go Heels!), I kept moving, wanted to get out of Dodge.  I spent a summer living and working in London, UK, then headed west to Texas for the career job I’d landed before leaving for London.  Four years later I moved to New Mexico then to Washington state.  I like the west and think this feels the most like home of any place I’ve ever lived.  And maybe, at nearly 50 years of age, I finally have roots, roots that were never trained to grow fast or deep for me.

When you’re a military brat, you learn at an early age how to ease your way into new organizations and social groups while always holding a part of yourself back.  Always being the new kid is not that much fun so the faster you can shed the title, and slip into the flow, the sooner you can relax.  You don’t put down those roots, however, because you know you’re going to be yanked up soon.  You learn to live like a potted plant.

When my husband first met me in NM, he teased me about the cardboard dresser drawers scattered throughout my bedroom.  I had a good job that paid well, why didn’t I have a dresser?  Why was my television so small?  Why was all my furniture second-hand?  Why did I live in a rented house?  The answer was that I needed to remain mobile, needed to be able to easily get rid of stuff or pack it in my car.  Bear in mind that when I drove cross-country to TX, my first move without my family, everything I owned fit in my Ford Escort.

After living in WA for 17 years, I think I’ve finally done it…finally put down roots…I think…though there’s a yet to be built luxury condo near the golf course in Myrtle Beach, SC that is calling my name.  Oh yeah, I could totally see uprooting and heading east for that.  A retirement spent kicking back on my balcony with my sweet tea (because it’s the law in the deep south) with my laptop typing away at my latest blockbuster.  I could do that…then maybe relocate to Santa Fe to enjoy the Indian arts and crafts and visit my old client, the Santa Fe Opera…then maybe NYC for the theatre…then…

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