Novels / Anthologies

Romantic Suspense:
The PURE (Previously Undetected Recruiting Error)NOW AVAILABLE  from Spencer Imaginarium
Purely Relative (The P.U.R.E. #1.5)NOW AVAILABLE from Spencer Imaginarium

Romantic Comedy:
Boss OverboardNOW AVAILABLE from Evernight Publishing

Urban Fantasy / Paranormal / Steampunk:
Tidal Whispers (contributing author)–Currently Out of Print
Conquest Through Determination (contributing author)–Out of Print but my story, Clockwork Nessie is available as a free read.

The Binnacle Eight Annual Ultra-short (contributing author)

Under other pen names:
Stockings & Suspenders (contributing author) by Evernight Publishing
Midnight Seduction (contributing author)–Out of Print but my short story, Last Call for Love, is available on Amazon.
Sinisterotica (contributing author) by Pill Hill Press, Out of Print
All’s Fair in Love and War (from Evernight Publishing)
Vixen and The Pea (from Evernight Publishing)
Prometheus Unstitched (from Evernight Publishing)
Soul of the Succubus (from Evernight Publishing)
Succubus Games (from Evernight Publishing)
Wild West Succubus (from Liquid Silver Books), Out of Print but soon to be re-released as Under A Wicked Sky (late 2016 / early 2017)
Christmas 2012 Anthology:  The Man Inside (contributing author) by Evernight Publishing
Louder Than Words (from Spencer Imaginarium)
Succubus Bites (short story collection from Spencer Imaginarium)

…And because every writer needs one–I have one trunked novel, my first, which I will NEVER try to salvage.  It’s definitely dead, walked into the light and passed to the other side. RIP Chelsea and Zach.

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