About password protections on this blog

I’ve started putting passwords on all my short stories, not because I’m trying to be uber-secretive, but because if I post them on my blog and they are accessible to the general public and search engines, they are considered “published”.  While I don’t have THAT many followers, it doesn’t matter; blog publishing limits me to the “reprint” market which is rather small and usually pays nothing or next to nothing.  (And we all know my master plan is to get rich off flash fiction.)

After writing over 100 flash fiction stories, I have submitted a woefully small number for publishing. Not all are worthy of being professionally published, of course, but on the off chance that I hit gold, and sometimes I do, I will be able to submit it as “not previously published”.

If you “know” me, you also know my real first name. That will always be the password for my flash fictions. If you “know” me only by my pen name or are a curious visitor (and not a  spammer), just use my Contact Me form to send me a message requesting my name (no, it’s NOT Rumpelstiltskin) or you can message me on Twitter (@AuburnAssassin) and I’ll be happy to share it with you.

Cheers dear readers.