ROW80 Round 4 runs from October 3, 2011 until December 22, 2011.

My round 4 WRITING goals are:

  1. NaNo prep — develop writing plan for November (Oct 3 – Oct 31, outline, re-read drafts, etc)
  2. Participate in NaNo (Nov 1 – Nov 30, avg 1667 words per day)
  3. Blog 2x / week min in addition to ROW80 reports.
  4. Edit existing projects (anthology, YA novel, urban fantasy novel, para-rom novella) 2x / week (added 12/4/11)

I have much else to accomplish in this time period, including line edits, marketing and edits of other manuscripts, but I’ve only listed the writing goals this time.

Weekly Progress Stats:

Goal 1: NaNo prep (Oct 3 to Oct 31)

  • Week ended 10/8/11: A little noodling and outlining done
  • Week ended 10/15/11: More quick scratches on the same story
  • Week ended 10/22/11:  Wrote a blog post about it, so on my way. Added my NaNo badge and updated my profile at
  • Week ended 10/29/11: Juggling my lineup to expand a novella based on a “revise and resubmit” rejection
  • Stub period ended 10/31/11:  Sketched out my short stories and plot expansion points for superhero novella  THIS GOAL IS NOW COMPLETE (and transitioned to NaNo goal)

Goal 2: NaNoWriMo (Nov 1 to Nov 30) — avg 1667 words/day & 11,669/week

  • Week ended 11/5/11: 11,330 words written, 2260 daily average
  • Week ended 11/12/11: 11,591 words written, 1656 daily average
  • Week ended 11/19/11:  11,757 words written, 1680 daily average
  • Week ended 11/26/11:  13,220 words written, 1889 daily average
  • Week ended 12/3/11:  2,127 words written & daily average THIS GOAL IS NOW COMPLETE

Goal 3: Two blog posts per week other than ROW80 updates (Oct 3 to Dec 22)

  • Week ended 10/08/11: Wrote 800 words of a horror story for the AW October blog chain post.
  • Week ended 10/15/11:  Six sentence Sunday post and post on Wordstock convention
  • Week ended 10/22/11:  Six sentence Sunday post and AW Blog chain post (Oct)
  • Week ended 10/29/11:  Purse post and post on spam/phishing
  • Week ended 11/5/11:  Writers helping writers and Six Sentence on Sunday
  • Week ended 11/12/11: AW Blog Chain post (Nov), NaNo Nerd and SSS
  • Week ended 11/19/11: SSS (other pen name), Novel cover release, Making of novel cover
  • Week ended 11/26/11:  SSS…oops, only 1 this week but prolly 3+ next week
  • Week ended 12/3/11:  SSS, guest blog post on friend’s blog, and post on story inspirations.
  • Week ended 12/10/11:  SSS, blog hop contest on other blog/pen name, and release day announcement.
  • Week ended 12/17/11:  SSS, Christmas rant
  • Week ended 12/22/11:  SSS, AW blog chain

Goal 4:  Edit existing projects for submission (Dec 4 to Dec 22)

  • Week ended 12/10/11:  Edited antho, wrote for antho sub
  • Week ended 12/17/11:  Edited The Sweetest Song (antho sub) and out for beta reads
  • Week ended 12/22/11:  Out for 2 beta reads, nearly ready to sub