Glimpses of #RWA2012 on the hoof

I’m here in sunny Anaheim, CA after my first day of classes and a wonderful lunch. Highlights so far:

  • A nice long walk in the early AM today with the lovely Sandra Bunino wherein we overshot our turn and ended up walking at least 50% longer than we’d planned. And here she is at last night’s Literacy event:

  • A wonderful workshop on Deep POV with Karen Witemeyer (absolutely outstanding!)
  • “From Sweet to Scorching: Writing Intimacy…” with a panel that included Roni Loren, Susan Mallory, Shana Galen, Deeanne Gist, Sophie Jordan and moderated by Tiffany Reisz,
  • “Voice lessons: How to Pinpoint and develop your voice with Liz Talley and Darynda Jones
  • Lunch with keynote speaker Stephanie Laurens (and a great teaser about an in process documentary about romance writers.) Listening to Stephanie choke up about all the changes in the biz made me tear up too. The industry IS changing and while it’s scary for the likes of brick and mortar retailers and even some publishers, “there has never been a better time to be an author.” Amen to that!
  • A session on writing dialogue with Julia Quinn (sigh…one of my favorites).

Oh, and look at the goodies I got just by claiming my registration tote bag:

I’ll probably have a giveaway for some of these books as I ended up with duplicates of Julia Quinn’s, Robyn Carr’s and Meg Cabot’s books and just way more books overall than I can handle. Stay tuned for that after I return.

I hope to meet up with the illustrious Hilary Jacques / Regan Summers tonight, but for sure by lunch tomorrow. There’s a TON of people here. Finding any one person is like searching out a specific stone on a gravel road. Oy! Thank goodness for cell phones and Twitter and email.

So…more RWA goodness to come in the days ahead. Lots of learnin’ goin’ on here!

RWA (Anaheim, CA) Bound!!


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going to the 2012 National convention of the Romance Writers of America (RWA) on Wednesday. This is my first writer’s convention and what a big one it is too. The choices for the workshops are overwhelming, ranging from craft to research to marketing and beyond. With writer buddy and fellow conventioneer, Sandra Bunino (who I will meet in person for the first time!), I will be focusing primarily on craft….for now. There are some stellar names I look forward to seeing / meeting / listening to / learning from and thus the lineup may change at the drop of a hat.

If you want to see what I’m currently planning on doing there, take a peak at my calendar.

Hopefully I can provide some updates as the convention progresses, perhaps even a picture or two or three.


Don’t forgot to visit my Heroes blog hop that starts Friday. I’ve got it all prepped and scheduled to post. The hop runs from the 27th to the 31st and I’ll be featuring Jon Cripps, the hero from my novel, The P.U.R.E.