Collectible mindset

Why is it that it’s no longer good enough to have a rare and precious ONE of a set? My kids go to [insert any fast food chain] and get a toy with their meal. They immediately want to go there every week so they can “collect all six” of the [fill in name of stupidest toy ever made that were it not part of a collectible set would quickly be tossed in the trash and forgotten]. American commercialism at its finest.

Quickly glancing around my house, I see the following incomplete collections:

– 39,276 Pokemon cards, including 80% duplicates and triplicates–collection still in process
– 8952 Yuh Gi Oh cards, also including duplicates and triplicates–collection still in process
– 17 Power Rangers in various shapes and sizes
– 10,999 Hot Wheels
– Thomas the Tank Engine trains and track set (Did you know that these “cute” little wooden trains with names and faces are $10 to $20 per train!!?)
– Pokemon games for the Gameboy in every color under the rainbow–red, sapphire, gold, ruby, leaf, fire, blue, silver….aren’t they all about the same thing?
– Lemony Snickets books, there are 11 so far and it’s driving my son absolutely bonkers that he only has the first nine, even though he’s only read through #7
– Magic Treehouse books (see Lemony Snickets above)

I just don’t get kids these days. Now, I’m off to rearrange my 100+ “assembly” of workout videos by instructor and in order of release and then off to the swaps to fill in any “gaps”. Then I’ll need to dust my Franklin Mint porcelain cats and round up the beanie babies that have long ago lost their tags and become {gasp!} toys.

2 thoughts on “Collectible mindset

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