I’m a WordPress Theme Junkie

Hi, my name is Claire Gillian and I’m a WordPress theme junkie.  I love all the themes there are, especially the customizable ones.  I’m on my third theme in as many days.  Sometimes I think, “Must look professional” and other times I think “No, it’s a form of self-expression”

“But what if an agent were to look at it?” I asked myself, chewing my nails.

“What agent?  When’s the last time you sent out a query?” My pragmatic self countered.

“Well it’s been awhile but let’s not get into that again, okay?”

“Fine.  But did you even have this blog back when you did dip a toe into the shark-infested querying pond?”

“No but…”

“Then do you really think some random agent is going to visit this site purely by chance and then say ‘bleh, if this is the theme she picks, her writing must really suck’?”

“I suppose it’s possible…”

“Get over yourself, Claire.”

If I didn’t have to redo my widgets, I’d probably do a new theme everyday.  But then I’d lose the recognizability for any who visit multiple times.

“Who do you think is camped out waiting for your bon mots?”

“Maybe a family member…”

“Doubtful…now go with the wild pink flowers and purple text…DO IT!!”