I think Cathe is trying to kill me…

Cathe Friedrich, that is. Oh sure she looks so sweet and petite, wouldn’t harm a fly but looks can be deceiving and she is the poster child upon whom this adage must have been based.

This afternoon, I did Imax2, only the first 5 intervals, the easiest ones. Boy, did I get my ass whooped. I think I’ve probably mentioned ad nauseum lately that since I got sick in August, I’ve been trying to regain my prior fitness levels. Indeed, once upon a time I looked like this (don’t ask why I was taking pictures of myself in the mirror but I had a legitimate reason, trust me):

thanks to these:

but now I look like this:

(sort of…)

But with Cathe’s help and these puppies, pre-ordered earlier this year and scheduled to start shipping 12/15/09, I can hopefully get back into fighting shape, if she doesn’t kill me first.

I can’t wait to get my hot little hands on these babies.