I just wanna write today…

I don’t want to workout (already did), don’t want to go to work (already getting ready), don’t want to have to nag the kids (already fussed at one) and don’t want to do housework (she says cringing at the thought of the dirty dishes in the sink and the bed linens overdue for changing).


I have a suspense novel that three betas have finished commenting on.  I want to finish polishing and start nagging, er querying, agents to help me sell it to a major publishing house and motion picture studio with David Mamet  to direct said blockbuster.  That’s not too much to ask is it?

I have a NaNo romance novel that one beta has finished that I want to at least polish up well enough to put in a free CreateSpace proof.  And maybe sell it too.  I don’t have as high aspirations for it as its predecessor but it’s a sweet little story and I like it.

I have a middle grade book kicking around in my head that I made my goal to write a first draft by January 31 but have only committed about 6k words to paper thus far.  Only 34k plus or minus to go!  Watch out J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter because Troy Sanders is on his way.

I have a short story that I’ve had critiqued at AW that I really want to polish up and submit…somewhere.

And I’m in a blog chain for January, with my turn coming up soon, for which I’ll need to write a post on a specific topic.  Watch for it in a few days.

I think I need more hours in the day…or more vacation time, a housekeeper, a nanny and an editor.  An agent would be a huge help too.