I do it all for LOVE…

For February’s AW blog chain, the topic is fitting for Valentine’s day–“love”.  Charlotte49ers preceded me and Breddings will follow me.  The complete list of participants will wrap up my post.  Give ’em a read (after mine, of course).

I enjoy reading about love so it’s only natural that it’s my preferred genre of novel-writing.  I think my first exposures to love stories (other than those trashy True Romance magazines we found hidden at my grandmother’s house) were Jane Austen, Phyllis Whitney, Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart and of course, Margaret Mitchell.  Most were chaste slow burns, often with a gothic or sinister setting.  Gone With The Wind was, of course, of epic proportions and included the scandalous dub-con scene with Rhett and Scarlett.  What I really liked about Stewart and Holt were the first person voices many of their novels used; it was me in the heroine’s shoes, me the hero loved, me who lived happily ever after.

I’m no longer that sighing young teenager but other than my exterior toughening up like a Dooney and Bourke all weather leather purse, I haven’t changed much.   I still love that little roller coaster ride I get in my stomach when a character, through a look or a word, lets the reader know that he’s in love.  The spice is even nicer if the hero or heroine isn’t quite in sync yet with the object of his or her affection.  The build up of sexual tension is as delicious, if not more so, than its release.

But while the thrill is timeless, experience has given me the patience to understand that passion ebbs and flows but love grows.  I find this useful when writing because it gives me the ability to tease out the tension, to build what will hopefully be a raging bonfire from scratch like a Boy Scout…well maybe a Boy Scout with a bit of flint… and some kindling.  Most readers don’t have that much patience.  I can control the flow of oxygen to the flame, even douse it a bit from time to time to make things interesting.  But there is the canonical presumption that there will be a flame; it will burn to consume and it will burn eternally…or at least for the foreseeable future.  (I’m not THAT much of a romantic.)

I proudly claim the role of Ultimate Match-Maker.  My track record is 100%.  My characters all thank me afterward, a polite bunch they are when I finally release them to their happily ever afters.  Love does that.

May you and your love have a happy Valentine’s day filled with roller coaster rides, butterflies and somersaults in the tummy and burning licks of flame to remind you of why you fell for him or her in the first place.

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The chain ran to completion!  Yay!

9 thoughts on “I do it all for LOVE…

  1. Yeah for love!

    “I proudly claim the role of Ultimate Match-Maker. My track record is 100%. My characters all thank me afterward, a polite bunch they are when I finally release them to their happily ever afters. Love does that.”

    LOVE that! And me too! 😉

    Happy Valentines Day to you guys! 🙂

  2. I think most of the relationships (probably all the relationships) I have written about have ended badly. Some, in the horror genre especially, touching on the biology of cannibalistic mating rituals of certain arachnids, others more mundanely – there is probably a raft of explanations about the way my subconscious is hammering the potential romance out and supplanting the joy and fun with dread and darker emotional touchstones.

    Oooh, I like that… Writing as a cheap form of therapy. Might be a bit of a stretch, but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment. 😀

  3. BigWords–I daresay that cannibalistic mating rituals of certain arachnids do make for some titillating fiction but I suspect that they are properly and fully categorized as horror and not romance, no matter how much of a come-hither look the black widow might give her doomed mate. I’ve written a few of those myself and would agree that they are a form of therapy, a means of releasing demons.

    Now grab some angels and come on over to the “light” side of romance. I assure you it’s most refreshing.

    (Fun comment by the way. You made me laugh. Thanks for dropping by!)

  4. You got me reminiscing about my teenhood, and the books I read back then. They were educational, but far from the real world haha!

  5. I read scary books as a teen, not romance. And, while there were no butterflies or rollercoasters yesterday, there was at least chocolate.

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