Added a new WIP sub-page!

Check it out.  I added a new WIP page for My Fair Vampire.  I’ve got the genesis of the novel and few audio-visual inspirational bits.

Watch for some teasers in the days ahead.  I know a lot of people do “Teaser Tuesdays” but I want a different day.  We’ll see.  I really need to get this outlined pronto.  I have a lot of random bits written, overall plot twists and turns in my head, but I need to map them all out to evaluate pacing, interest level of the story, etc.

And if anyone’s wondering where The PURE’s WIP page went, I yanked it back since I’ve started querying it.  Don’t want the old query, sample snippets, etc too readily available when I’m trying to sell the final product.  The book trailer’s still there though.  Cross your fingers for me.