5 thoughts on “Take the poll about my blog’s new look

  1. I like it but it doesn’t really match the style you write. It doesn’t look like an old person’s site, but maybe a non-fiction author or even a thriller writer’s? I’d most certainly never guess you wrote romance, paranormal or suspense. I’m going to have to vote thumbs down based on that reason alone.

    • All good points. Thanks for your thoughts, Julie. I wish I could tweak the templates but I can’t without having the pay version. I think my name looks too much like a screaming newspaper headline both in size and in font choice. I can change the background colors (green now) but not the text colors, so that makes the background choices limited to pastels. I like how the meat of the blog takes up the whole page though.

    • Ruh-roh, better go see what’s up then.

      I like this one much better too. It’s still big font but a nicer font.

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