Sometimes, it’s just wrong

So I was on Facebook this evening, bemoaning the fact my 13 year old son had just confessed he’d “declined” my friend request, when I saw this on the right side of my home page:


Okay, now I actually like to work out, but the thought of doing pushups with my child on my back  just sucks the fun out of it completely.  Pushups are hard enough without some whiny, attention starved child hanging on for dear life because she can’t grant you even a scant 30 minutes to workout.

If the child is old enough to hang on and not fall off, she should be doing pushups next to you!  My son is nearly six feet tall and frankly, it would border on creepy having him cling to my back like a  monkey.  End of rant.

P.S.  This is not at all intended to be a negative commentary on FitMom.  I’m sure they have a lovely product, especially for new moms.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, it’s just wrong

  1. ya I dont think I could do one w/ my cat on my back 🙂

    Im not sure if you sent me a PM on yyf-I got an email saying there was one, then my PM didnt show one…I posted a thread over there paging you…Anyhoo-if you did PM me I am not ignoring you.

    My email address is lindseylu8 at gmail dot com. Please email if you were trying to PM me. 🙂


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