It’s a Girl!…Again

Like the proud phoenix that she is, my character Dori, of My Fair Vampire, has been born again. Only this time she’s 106,000 words of tangled plot and backstory / infodumps. She’s got all her fingers and toes and has added quite a bit of baby fat, a little too much. Premature before, she has carefully been nursed in the NICU (natal intensive care unit) but now seems viable.

Thus begins the equally arduous task of training her to be a big girl who may one day grow into a woman worthy of gracing the shelves of Barnes and Noble, the vast warehouses of Amazon and dare I say it, the tables of Costco and racks of Target.

(And I really hope I don’t have a third first draft of this one to announce.  For everyone’s sake, I’ll just call it draft 2 if that does happen and keep it to myself.  Promise.)

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