30 Days of Writing–Day 6: Where, When and How I Write

I’m keeping a pretty good pace with the first six days, yes?  Twenty-four more to go before even I will be thoroughly sick of me.

Yesterday’s question wasn’t all that fun and neither is today’s, but at least I get to show some pictures.  (Though they ain’t so pretty, I did spare you the creepy one with the orbs in it.  Shudder.   They show up a lot in pictures of my house.)

6. Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol’ pen and paper?

Pictured below is where I do 99% of my writing.  This is our computer / junk room.  My desktop is cluttered with dvd’s (The Office season 3 and True Blood season 2), cameras, Kindle, remote control and the ubiquitous jumbo sized Diet Coke.  (I have a special recycle basket for all my Diet Coke bottles, next to the garbage can.)

(If you look closely you can see my Roger Staubach signed football and gargoyle statue from Notre Dame, Paris, sort of my totem of late.)

I’ve tried to write using a lapdesk and my netbook but it’s not comfortable and I’m too easily distracted.

My office is next to the laundry room so Saturdays and Sundays I write and do laundry, in that order.  It’s a great system and provides a nice reason to hibernate upstairs for hours at a time.

“What’s that you ask, honey?  What am I doing?  Oh, the usual, loads and loads of laundry.  I don’t know WHEN it will ever end!”  heh-heh.

Time of day falls into a few categories.  On weekdays, I check in with:  email, Twitter, Facebook, Absolute Write, Scribophile, my blog’s stat counter and my Ya Ya Friends fitness forum before I go do my workout at 5 AM (yes, really).  I return around 6:15 and edit/write/blog until about 6:45 when it’s time to shower and get ready for work.  After work, I return to my station, taking breaks for dinner, shuttling kids to/from Tae Kwan Do and soccer practice and the occasional favorite television show.  My television watching  has dwindled significantly and that’s a good thing.  I’ll work until bedtime at 10 PM.  Sometimes I break early and retire with my Kindle for some reading before sleepytime.

Weekends, I cram in as much as I can between soccer games, laundry and other chores, working out and the rare family outing to a movie or other event.  Sunday night at 6 PM is Absolute Write Flash Fiction Challenge.  So, no matter how much “work” is actual original writing during all the blocks cited, I know every Sunday night, I will crank out about a thousand new words.

I’m a computer gal and rarely use pen and paper.  I don’t like to hand-write anything anymore.  Seriously.  I did however, purchase this lovely jewel in Estonia during my summer vacation.  I use it to jot down story ideas or scene inspirations.  It’s simply too pretty to not use for something artistic.  The cover is leather and bound inside (with leather laces, no less) are handmade pages of recycled paper.

One of these days, I’m going to purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking.  We use it at work (well, not me…yet) and those who take the time to learn to use it well, rave about how it saves so much wear and tear on the wrists and hands.

This has been a brief peek into the where, when and how of my writing world.  It’s a pleasant place and I’d probably spend more time here if I could, but real life has its draws too.  For now, I remain a creature of both fiction and reality worlds.  A girl’s gotta pay the mortgage on the room housing the desk, the internet fees and the computer hardware fees.  I also need real life to inspire fiction because that truly is the natural order of things, at least while I can still count myself amongst the sane.

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing–Day 6: Where, When and How I Write

  1. It is so interesting to see another writer’s workspace. That notebook is beautiful. I would be too scared to write in it, haha. Do you use a fountain pen to write in it?

    • No fountain pen, but that’s a nice idea. I carry it around with me and grab the first writing instrument I find to capture whatever idea hits me at the moment. The thing is so pretty though, sometimes I just like to have it out to remind me that I am a writer. Silly, I know.

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