30 Days of Writing–Day 12: Worldbuilding

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Okay really, really short post for day 12.

12. In what story did you feel you did the best job of worldbuilding? Any side-notes on it you’d like to share?

Um, well I haven’t built any from scratch, I’ve pretty much leveraged the one we live in now.  I’ve made up a few businesses, road names, that sort of thing, but that’s hardly what I’d call worldbuilding.

My urban fantasy has paranormal elements but they mostly relate to the characters and their abilities, drawing upon popular canon for most.  I switched a few things up (how succubi are made), made up stuff where there wasn’t much guidance (the creation and keeping of a phoenix), invented a few cool weapons based loosely on the rules of physics that I understand.

By definition, urban fantasy takes place in a world similar to what we all know and understand, hence the “urban” description.  I don’t see any “high” fantasy in my future, science fiction perhaps, but until then, my worldbuilding muscles will remain undeveloped.  I think I have enough other challenges to work on in the mean time.


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