30 Days of Writing–Day 18: Fave Antagonist


The Fat Man

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Another exclamation pointed day.  Oh goody!

18. Favorite antagonist and why!

I’ve written about this fella before so I’m going to cheat and lift a bit from the blog chain post that dealt with him.

The antagonist of my most recently completed WIP, working title My Fair Vampire, is an old vampire living in Albuquerque, NM. His name is David Baca and he’s not your typical tall, dark and brooding vampire.  He’s short, a bit overweight and a lousy dresser (Queer Eye for the Vamp Guy anyone?).  However, he has a ruthless but covert survival instinct and an excellent ability to find ways to enrich himself as a “broker of need fulfillment”.

I liked him because he didn’t take himself too seriously, cracked a few jokes and was a shameless sycophant, despite being one of the oldest, most physically powerful vampires in the area.  David’s the kind of guy who likes to wield power indirectly rather than directly because he doesn’t like being a target.

In one scene, he menaces Dori, trying to forcefully kidnap her when Gargoyles (hunters of predatory supernaturals) interrupt him.  Dori is already fleeing from David but rapidly losing ground.  She hears him catch up to her and braces for re-capture only to see him speed past then in front of her.  David doesn’t have to be faster than a Gargoyle’s bullet, just faster than Dori.

He has a bit of an Achilles heel, however, and that is in the form of his partner in crime, Raina, a succubus.  See my post here for a short scene  that gives us a peek inside David’s head.

My intent has been to paint David as this smarmy but wiley character, desperate for love and approval, who would have been fairly harmless were he not such a powerful supernatural.  If I succeed, the reader should not want him eliminated, merely pointed to another goal that doesn’t threaten our heroine or those she loves.