30 Days of Writing–Day 25: Pets

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25. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them.

Another short and sweet post.  Yes, some of my characters have had pets.  The hero of my first trunked novel had a cat named Oedipuss.  I thought that was pretty darned clever and plan to use it in real life one day.  Even more clever, I thought at the time, was his love interest being several years older than him.  Ha!  Yet another reason why I trunked it.

Shelby in All’s Fair had a very naughty cat named Ripley (borrowed from my own cat).  He claimed responsibility for a rather major plot twist because of his evil deed.  In fairness, he did it right after Shelby had him neutered so she sort of had it coming.

And that’s it for pets.  I love animals, have a cat and dog, but unless I need them in the plot or the story is about them (except I don’t write animal stories and reading them usually makes me cry), I don’t gratuitously include pets.

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