30 Days of Writing–Day 26: Character Drawings

26. Let’s talk art! Do you draw your characters? Do others draw them? Pick one of your OCs and post your favorite picture of him!

I do not draw well. Therefore, I do not draw my characters…ever.

Here’s why:

Not pretty is it?  I created it with Paint software.  It screams urban fantasy, doesn’t it?  Well, maybe if you hold it off to the side and squint some.

No one else has ever drawn any of my characters either, not that I’d be averse to it.  Jill Myles’ husband draws some pretty sweet female cartoons though his ladies are much more voluptuous than Dori.  He could do Shelby possibly, but not Dori or Gayle, because neither of the latter two are sexpot pinup material.

I can, however, visualize my characters via actors.  Here’s my current favorite to stare at.  My Donovan prototype, aka James Wolk, from the now defunct after only two episodes (both of which I watched just to stare at this guy…sigh) television show Lone Star:


For more actor representations of my characters, check out this page of my blog.

9 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing–Day 26: Character Drawings

  1. I totally pick actors to match my characters. It’s hard though because when you ‘know’ the actor as a character say on TV or in a movie it affects how you feel about matching them with your character. In my story (Cocoon) my MC was a girl my kids knew in high school simply because I found a picture of her with a butterfly barrette in her hair and it fit in my story. I found actors to match the rest of my characters.

    • Very, very true. I’m resisting the urge to post True Blood’s baby vampire Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) as Dori, even though both are tall and strawberry blondes / redheads. I did not have Jessica/Deborah in mind when I wrote Dori, just someone tall and fair with shades of red and gold in her hair.

      • I think she would be perfect for Dori. I hadn’t pictured her as the role but she would be perfect.

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