NaNoWriMo Warmup Drabble #6–Operation Murder


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This one seemed a bit reminiscent of an earlier drabble I did, so I opted for an alternate meaning for one of the theme elements.  I almost skipped this prompt in favor of a different one but decided to remain true to my plan and gut it out.

“What if you’re going to write a story about power with a policeman as the main character and an old pair of shoes as the key object?  Set your story in the operating room.”

The OR lights winked out; equipment whined as it powered down.

“No power other than backup lighting?  Strange.”

“Good thing we hadn’t started.”

The door swung open and a man burst in.  He wore a rumpled trench coat and clenched an unlit cigar in his teeth.

“You can’t come in here!”  A nurse bustled to intercept him but halted when he and a second man flashed police badges.

“Sorry to interrupt.  Everyone please remove and hand your shoes to my associate.  One of you is an imposter, a killer with a distinctive tread pattern about to cover his tracks, literally.

Whew, that one was work!  Can you tell I was an old Columbo fan?  I really need to write a cozy.

And purists, please don’t tell me the cop needed a search warrant to require them to remove their shoes.  Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.  I don’t research 100 word ditties, so just suspend any disbelief you might have.  Sorry.

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