Steampunk Drabble

Unicorn Glass Miniature

Image by cobalt123 via Flickr

I’m taking a brief NaNo break to write a drabble because I need a little variety and because I had an urge to try my hand at a bit of steampunk.

Using my handy-dandy creative inspiration website (see prior post for a link), I found this prompt that I attacked steampunk style.

“Write a story about an empty glass.”

Evelyn stared at the empty glass and frowned.

Goblet in one hand and her heavy skirts in the other, she plunged down the dark staircase that led to her mother’s workshop.

“There you are!”  She addressed a woman hunched over a gearbox, tweezers in hand, monocle held in place with a vigorous squint.  “I’ve malfunctioned again. Ma-ma.”

“Let’s have a look, Evie.”

The woman glided over and opened a panel on Evelyn’s back. “Ah, just a loose wire.  There you go, good as new.”

Evelyn stared at the empty glass, that warped and melted into a unicorn figurine, and smiled.

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  1. Lol, that is terrific. It strikes the right balance between humor and bizarre invention, and the steampunk atmosphere is totally fun.

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