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I read this article today on NPR Fiction:  “Hint Fiction Celebrates the (Extremely) Short Story”.  I love this sort of challenge and remembered a #tweetstory I wrote a while back.

Tweets are a maximum of 140 characters, including spaces (unless you use that twitter software that lets you write longer ones that it condenses into a link for the reader to click to read the rest–cheating if you ask me).  Now imagine writing an entire story in a tweet.  Every word choice is critical.  That’s a form of hint fiction.

Hint fiction, according to the article, is 25 words or less.  Bingo!  My #tweetstory was 24 words long and here she is (text shortcuts used to hold the character count below 140, have been spelled out in their entirety):

If older women are invisible to society, would their crimes go unsolved? Ma decided to test her theory. She was right for seven days.

Did I tell a story?  Did I avoid having it sound like a first sentence or a random thought?  These are the typical rookie mistakes according to the article.

So, dear readers, I challenge you to try your hand at “Hint Fiction”, either on your own blog with a link in a comment here or simply post your 25 word or less story in the comment itself.

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