Steampunk Flash Fiction Contest–“Horizon”–>>Vote for Me!

I’m soliciting pity votes over at the Steampunk flash fiction contest between 11/29/10 and 12/5/10.   I’m entry #17 and my entry (and all the others) is only 500 words, a quick read.

Click Here to go to the site and vote. Scroll to the bottom of the post, type 17 in the box, then click vote.

I’m a freshman steampunker so I’ve no hope of winning; I just don’t want to be dead last. LOL Muchas gracias in advance.

Update: Not a winning entry but it finished respectably enough. Thanks to all who voted for me. My entry was here:

Horizon by Claire Gillian

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    • I was but then that one fellow has votes formatted 4 different ways so when you add all his, he’s got more. I feel for the people who will tally this because before it’s over, there might be a ton of manual compilation work.

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