December Blog Chain–Hint Fiction “The Time Mirror”

Image of a boy in a distorting mirror.

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This month we opted for fast and furious again, given all the busyness of the holidays.  The topic is “hint fiction“, which is a story of twenty five (25) words or less.  As the hostess, I’m kicking off the chain. Following me will be Jonjon.benjamin.  A list of all the participants concludes this post.  Please give ’em all a read.

Constant deja vu unnerved, the gloats of the elderly over the wails of new mothers unbearable.  All hope evaporated until we shattered the time mirror.

And here’s a second one I came up with (added 12/9/10):

After careful consideration–two black eyes, a broken jaw and three cracked ribs– training demons to box was pointless.  They were always DQ’d for cheating.

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36 thoughts on “December Blog Chain–Hint Fiction “The Time Mirror”

    • It is a lot harder than it seems, trying to get the beginning, middle and ending in just 25 words. It’s a fun challenge though. Every word matters. You’ll do fine with yours, I’m sure.

  1. The first time I read it I went. “huh?”. The second time I ead it went. “Hmmmm….” The third time I read it I went, “huh?” again. hahhahaha. But NOW, with time #4 … I think I got it. Go me! 😉 hahha! And now *I* have to write something this short? OMG. What have I done signing up for this!! 🙂

    • Yeah, the economy with words forces us to skate the edge of being too obscure. The title was the key to understanding it. Mirror image = reverse, therefore time mirror = time in reverse.

    • Thanks Ania. There’s only 25 words written down but apparently another 1000 in my head that didn’t quite infuse themselves enough. Mine’s “obscure” hint fiction. LOL

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  4. Both good. The first uses some very evocative language and I’m sure it was a joy to compose.

    …but I have to give it to the second, which is just downright funny.

    • Thanks. Wish I could lie and say the first was a joy to compose. It wasn’t. The second was, however, cause humor is always more fun for me to write than literary type stuff (or stuff pretending to be literary LOL).

  5. The second drabble was very funny (and I don’t want to test how true it is, I’ll just take your word for it). The first one gave me some trouble though; I read it a couple times and felt unnerved. The tone of it, I think, is what carries it.

    Good job.

    • Thanks. Yeah, that first one apparently was still tethered inside my head too much to float on its own. That’s kind of why I added a second one. Figured if we allowed mini-sagas of 50 words, I could impose 2 hint fictions of 25 each on my blog chain readers, at least the ones who hadn’t already read and commented.

  6. The first one I still do not get. I’ll think on it.
    The second one has me wondering where I put that last book…

  7. I came back following that link you provided from the Women of Mystery blog. I have to say I think that is awesome! ANd you are doing a great job running things!
    I really liked the second entry you posted. The first was a bit too artsy for me, but the second was nice. A good hook, and best of all, a nice little funny twist ending.
    Good job.

    • Thank you! I should have known that the easiest one to write would probably be the best received. Glad I edited that second hint fiction in to my post.

      I was really happy to stumble across the mention of our chain. Hopefully, we all get a few additional readers this month.

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