“Dammit, my mom is on Facebook!”

My fourteen year old son is ashamed of me.  I noticed him online on Facebook today, I on the upstairs computer and he on the one downstairs.

This was our exchange (names changed to protect the surly):

2:26pm Shane Gillian is online.

2:26pm Claire Gillian posted:
Whatcha doing?

2:27pm Shane Gillian posted:

2:27pm Claire Gillian posted:


2:28pm Shane Gillian posted:
creeper alert!

2:28pm Claire Gillian posted:

2:28pm Shane Gillian posted:

2:28pm Claire Gillian posted:
Don’t know that one. But I know this one:  :p

2:28pm Shane Gillian posted:

2:28pm Claire Gillian posted:
Hug! Kiss!
Hey LADY!!! Ho-ho-ho!
You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.
How many uncool things can I message you with? Hmmm
Does your computer beep every time I send you a new message?
hey! are you still there little boy?
yes you
knock knock
open up
Land shark
Open up! POLICE!
Yo-yo-yo fa shiz!
A priest, a nun and a rabbi walk into a bar…
And now for my next number…a tune by Justin Bieber!

2:39pm Shane Gillian posted: (Editorial comment:  notice that ten (10) minutes have elapsed)


*ignores mom*
*not completely but ignores conversation*


Guess he didn’t see the SNL skit:

9 thoughts on ““Dammit, my mom is on Facebook!”

    • Can you believe that while I had heard of the skit, I had never actually seen it until I knew I wanted to imbed it in my post. I could soooooo be Jane Lynch. “I’ll send you a coupon to Kohls!”

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