2010 Recap — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As 2011 crooks its seductive finger, I think it’s nice to recap the good, the bad and the ugly of 2010. There is no particular order to these.

The Good

  • First short story accepted and published
  • Notified of upcoming short story accepted for publication in 2011
  • 1 partial request on The Pure
  • 1 full request on All’s Fair
  • 3 short story contest wins and 1 honorable mention
  • Finalist in Cup of Comfort for Couples / Redbook contest
  • 2 blog freebie wins
  • 1 Goodreads free book win
  • Finished The PURE
  • Wrote My Fair Vampire, start to finish, including 2 ending variations
  • Won NaNoWriMo for a novel that’s been percolating in my head for years
  • Started 5 new novels (MFV, Book Portal, Sins, Horizon and Ellen’s story)
  • Wrote 41 weekly flash fiction stories, 13 drabbles or hint fiction tales
  • Got a free Createspace proof of my freshly edited 2009 NaNo win, All’s Fair
  • Made a kick butt book trailer for The PURE
  • Read 68 wonderful books (some better than others, all enjoyable)
  • My terrific Facebook and Twitter followers and friends
  • My wonderful and awesome writing partners, critiquers and colleagues
  • Some amazing monthly blog chains
  • The lovely rep points I received at AW, especially the ones from out of the blue
  • A great group of regulars at AW’s Sunday night Flash Fiction Challenges
  • 3 pending contests where I really like my entries
  • A gen 3 Kindle from Hubs for Christmas and the technology that makes it so indispensable
  • My blog followers, especially my Dad!
  • One guest blog post and another one planned for January 2011
  • My husband’s support of my writing through the gift of time, washed dishes and take out meals

The Bad

  • Nothing but rejections on queries, partials and full = no agent
  • Cut during final round of Cup of Comfort for Couples editing
  • Mills & Boon New Voices competition roses voting system and the trolls who took advantage of it
  • A couple of wrong way rubs on Twitter with people who have far more followers than those they follow (lesson learned)
  • Didn’t finish NaNo novel beyond the 50k words required for the win
  • Started but abandoned a middle grade book for my youngest son
  • Several short story rejections
  • Dismal showing in an erotica contest
  • 3 rounds of NPR 3-Minute Reads contests with nary a mention (but I’m gonna keep trying)
  • The frustrating quests to write a good query letter and synopsis
  • The Christmas cards, exercise, home-cooked meals and housework that went shamefully neglected so I could write

And the Ugly:

one. ugly. monkey.

Image by chris.corwin via Flickr

6 thoughts on “2010 Recap — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    • Thanks Diane. I’m still tickled pink that the one I beta’d for YOU sold to Carina and can’t wait to buy my very own shiny e-copy.

      I’m sure I have a selective memory on the bad vs. the good and perhaps that’s a good thing.

  1. First, how did I miss this? Second, Dude! That is one ugly animal! Third … you’re forgetting in the ‘The Good’ section … *our* collective project … started pre-2011 which is sooooooooooooo gonna work (though no one will no its us). 😉 Ha!

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