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Welcome to my first post created by dictating through Dragon Naturally Speaking. The last sentence took me several tries to correct mistakes that Dragon made (not me, of course). The first being that it wanted to concatenate Naturally Speaking into one long word.  The only problem I see with using Dragon Naturally Speaking in the future is the need to dictate out loud the text of my writing. Some bits of text were not meant to be narrated in the presence of children.  Therein lies the conundrum.

This post has now taken me approximately three times longer than it would have had I typed it out. But that’s part of training Dragon. You have to train the program to recognize your voice as you speak normally. It definitely had a hard time distinguishing “he”  from “see” from “be” with my voice.

Perhaps taking the tutorial would be a wise idea. Off to do that now.

but first, I’m going to dictate a series of words and phrases to see how it Dragon handles them on not one to look at my screen, I’m simply going to speak as I normally would, then see what Dragon spits out. Earlier today, I watched a series of movies on the sci-fi channel most of which seem to be centered around the theme of werewolves. I’m not usually a werewolf and certainly not of the werewolf movies that I’ve seen because most of the werewolves tend to be rather cheesy looking men in weird costumes and makeup. Perhaps that’s why I don’t write werewolf stories. This is the section of my dictated text.

now reading the text above I can see the Dragon box it up pretty well. Box is supposed to be botched. Many of the short words it interpreted as different words. It also doesn’t like to capitalize the first word of the sentence., Soon as I say this it capitalizes first word of the last sentence. It doesn’t like! Either such as oh wow go. I have no idea where that last! Came from. OIC, it thinks that last always has an! On the and clearly more training is at hand, I mean required.

if you can read all of the above your far more talented than I am.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Naturally Speaking

  1. Take the tutorial, then try again. Maybe tweaking the settings (especially so you can kill the use of the exclamation mark) would be of benefit – the most time I ever spent with those speech-recognition programs was probably an hour or so before I got bored of fixing the errors. They are fun for blog posts, but writing a novel with the software would drive me even more insane…

  2. Good advice. I started the tutorial then got bored. I’ll need to buckle down and at least find the critical parts to get more bang for my buck when using it. I have professional reasons for needing to perfect this software too as most of my co-workers are expected to use it and I need to be able to assist them with “issues”. So I may or may not end up using for writing. I have a few coworkers who live and breathe by it.

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