ROW80–Round 2 Goals!

Goal time again with ROW80 kicking off on 4/4/11. Yikes! I thought I had a lot of time to think about this. I also thought I had a lot of time to do my taxes. I’ve done neither and am going out of town on vacation next week and out of town on business the two weeks after that. Ruh-roh, Shaggy. Looks like I’ll be doing nearly everything BUT writing this weekend.

So…goals for round 2 will look surprisingly similar to round 1:

  1. Write 3000 words per week, minimum. This is a little less than what I set for round 1, but pacing is more the point of this goal.
  2. Incorporate beta reader comments into round 2 edit of My Fair Vampire
  3. Finish first draft of EITHER Sins of Our Mothers or Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Words written can count for goal #1.
  4. Beta read or critique at least 1 novel and 3000 words per week.

These goals are tough but achievable and different enough from the last round’s that I won’t (I hope) find them too tedious.

No flash fiction goals, no blogging goals, no contest goals.  I’ll still do those things, but when the spirit moves vs. because it’s a goal I feel I have to achieve.

Now…on to that tax return.  😦

14 thoughts on “ROW80–Round 2 Goals!

  1. I was with you til you mentioned the tax return. Glad I don’t have to make doing taxes a ROW80 goal. 😉

    You’ve got great goals and I’m sure you’ll do well this round.

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