ROW80-2, wk 2, rpt 1

I started this all ready to make excuses for not doing so well, but after tabulating my stats, there is no need.  I’m on track.

I flew to Boston for business Sunday AM and returned Wednesday PM (hence the tardiness of this post).  With organized dinners every night, early starts each morning, day-long travel to and from, I thought I’d surely miss the mark.  I forgot how productive I was while on the airplane.

I nailed my words, novel progression and beta reading with about 2600 new words written and almost four (long) chapters beta read / critiqued.  No progress yet on my editing but that’s probably going to happen after I finish the current novel beta read I’ve in process.  Too many things going at once does not work for me.

I did have to withdraw from a contest, alas.  After returning from a week long vacation Friday night, I discovered I had until  9 AM on Monday to enter a second original piece of writing in the finals (a second round never mentioned in the original rules, I’ll add).  Problem was I had to fly to Boston early Sunday AM.  I knew Saturday was going to be a mad rush to catch up on laundry, work on the taxes, participate in a previous writing commitment, get a new debit card (nothing like the prospect of going out of town  ATM / debit cardless).  I was a wreck.  The contest had to go because, gasp, real life bubbled to top of the list.  I know!  The horror!  No Barnes and Noble card for me.  Cassandra Clare’s latest release is going to have to wait a bit longer (like I don’t already have a whopping stack of to-be-reads.)

My cumulative stats are HERE.

The Linky tool with the other participants is HERE.  Please give my colleagues some encouragement if you can.

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