ROW80-2, wk 2, rpt 2

I had a very productive day, writing-wise, yesterday.  Almost half of my weekly total of 5300 words came from that session.  I call that a win.  Editing my novel was not a win, still deferred.  Beta reading was fast and furious early in the week when I traveled, but fell off when I returned home.

I received my galley to proof (well, a link to it online) for an anthology that will contain one of my short stories.  I mostly wanted to rewrite it but I don’t think that’s allowed at this point.  Wah.  Oh well.  It is what it is.  I don’t suppose I’d ever be 100% happy with it.  It’s due 4/19 but I need to ship my measly four edits off today, tomorrow if I’m not able to muster up a bit more energy than what I currently possess.  Looks like publish date is end of this month–super duper fast.

My cumulative ROW80 stats are HERE.

Linky index to other participants’ progress reports is HERE.  Give ’em some encouragement, please.


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