ROW80-2, wk 3, rpt 1

Super busy week so I’m not on pace but I plan to put a little more oomph in on Friday night and Saturday.  I may be tweaking my goals to reflect a slight change in pacing.  I broke one rule and did some editing instead of new writing so I could post a new chapter at my writing site for critique.  Oops.  Oh well, not going to feel too guilty about it as I’m writing YA and this is a new arena for me so perhaps slow and steady with more pulse checks along the way isn’t a bad idea.

I must confess to the following diversions:  playing with a Weebly site to possibly replace my WordPress site for one of my other pen names, editing the galley for the anthology that’s going to print TOMORROW!! (that’s a worthy one though so no guilt), reading the final bits of a novel (the horror) and watching Glee, Survivor (tonight), the Amazing Race and a couple of other shows, cause, uh my family made me…yeah, that’s why!

So, the usual drill now.  My cumulative stats are on my ROW80-2 page.

Linky to the other participants’ progress reports will give you plenty of other intrepid souls to hand out atta girls and atta boys.**

** My apologies for not doing my part lately.  I’m hoping to have a bit more time soon to catch up on my fellow ROWers, especially the ones who’ve been so kind to me.

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