ROW80-2, wk 5, rpt 2

Some really, really voluminous writing this week for me.  I managed over 11k words–7700 for Ellen’s story and 3600 for a new novella I started for Samhain’s submission call.  They’re looking for superhero romance stories for their 2012 anthology, due 9/2011.  Mine is titled (so far) “Prometheus Unstitched”.  It’ll be a romantic suspense tale of a superhero with limited foresight abilities, Prometheus (Theo) Richelieu, and his costumer, the comely but curmudgeonly Cordelia (Cory) Blindbarrow.  Don’t ask me where I got these names.  I think I totally made up Blindbarrow but wouldn’t be surprised to find some village in the nooks and crannies of England with a sizable brood of Blindbarrows.  I was feeling silly, I suppose, as that or sarcasm is a de rigeur element in all my longer stories.  I also like to play off myths, fairy tales, the “classics”, and Bible stories, as you can tell.

Alas, writing’s all I did, other than a tiny bit of critiquing earlier in the week.  Still no budging of the editing needle and the beta reads are muttering about seeking a cease and desist on all new writing and published reads.  Can’t say I blame them.

My cumulative stats are updated on my ROW80-2 page.

Linky for the other ROW80 participants is up and ready for you to share the encouragement with my peers.  Thanks for the read!

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  1. 11,000 words? Holy freaking crap! I’d doff my hat to you if I were wearing one, but I’m not, so I shall simply settle for saying that is awesome! I wish I could get that many words in a week lol

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