ROW80-2, wk 7, rpt 2

Great week for writing with over 8000 words added to my (Iris’) YA novel.  I just passed the 70k mark tonight.   I love it when the story compels me to write vs me writing to propel the story.

Write or Die continues to be my very special friend.  I had to chuckle when I last used the site.  I noticed they had a Twitter feed with comments about the site / product.  Yours truly had many, many tweets scroll past.  I should charge a commission.  LOL  Eh, the use of the free site is sufficient remuneration.

The value of Write or Die is further underscored by an article I found via someone on Twitter about how the most productive people are the ones who want to buckle down and get it done then get the hell outta there.  Some professional writers compose for only three hours a day in the AM but they write like maniacs during that window of time.  I know that could easily be me.  I am a sprinter when it comes to writing, a rabbit and not a tortoise.  Odd because in real life, I’m more of the endurance type of athlete.  Problem is, if I’m not sitting at my computer working, I’m thinking of all the writing I could be doing in that time, not what I already accomplished.  Glerg…

I managed to hit my critique goals and am almost at the halfway mark for one of my beta novel reads.  Yay!  That being said, Gini Koch’s novel tempted me beyond my ability to defer starting another book until I finished my beta reads.  Sigh…  I am a bad critiquer.  Let the floggings begin.

My cumulative stats are updated on my ROW80-2 page.

Linky for the other ROW80 participants is up and ready for you to share the encouragement with my peers.  Thanks for the read!

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