ROW80-2, wk 8, rpt 2

Continued success on my (Iris’) YA novel.  I just passed the 81k mark yesterday and am can see the finish line around one more bend.  No Write or Dies this week, didn’t need them.  My own momentum netted me a cool 12k this week.  That’s NaNo pace and one upside of having the spousal unit out of town for the week.

I did well on my critiquing goal by exceeding it too, doing over 3000 words in a single long critique and advancing my beta read to beyond the 70% completion mark.

No editing of my prior manuscript but I think that’ll be my primary project once I finish draft 1 of Iris’ novel, probably during the next week.

My cumulative stats are updated on my ROW80-2 page.

Linky for the other ROW80 participants is up and ready for you to share the encouragement with my peers.  Thanks for the read!

2 thoughts on “ROW80-2, wk 8, rpt 2

  1. wow 12k this week. That’s great. Way to go. That is nano pace. I need to do my own private nano and step up the pace myself. Good luck with the rest of the story.

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