ROW80-2, wk 11, rpt 1

Argh!  Scrivener is a PITA!  I should do all the tutorials but I’m like men asking for directions when it comes to learning software–I don’t ask for help but persevere!  I’ve xferred (imported) my first draft Word document into it, thinking my draft 2 would be easier to refine if I used Scrivener tools.  I still think this and still think it’s a worthy effort but just GAAAAAHHH!!!

Alas, no editing on the novel prior to this one yet I’ve happily culled out 5000 words of the YA one I just finished.  Priorities are not in sync with my goals here.  Must adjust.  Must also get beta read comments to author so I can mark that goal achieved too.

Made some progress on the other beta reading though, so that’s good.

My cumulative stats are updated on my ROW80-2 page.

Linky for the other ROW80 participants is up and ready for you to share the encouragement with my peers.  Thanks for the read!