Drabble Day — “Guest”

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Aheila does a weekly drabble day on her blog.  She selects a theme and writes a drabble (a short story of exactly 100 words) and we are invited to write one of our own using the same theme word (plus or minus five words), post it on our blog then link to it in her comments.

Today’s theme is Guest and there are extra points if we “avoid the unwanted guest twist”.  In my story, the guest is most definitely wanted, perhaps a little too much.  Mine’s EXACTLY 100 words.


Sarah and I hid in the dumpster outside the studios, but the cramped space and smell had begun to take their toll.  I had at least six mosquito bites too.

“You think he’ll like our Stonehenge model?” Sarah asked, a hint of doubt in her voice.

“Of course he will.  It’s exactly the right size for his mantel, six inches.”

“What if he’s with his wife?”

“All the better.  She’s cool.”  Despite what I told Sarah, I hoped he’d be alone.

“Here he comes!”

We both burst from the dumpster and yelled, “Christopher Guest!  Mr. Guest!  We’re your biggest fans!”


14 thoughts on “Drabble Day — “Guest”

  1. Nice one, Claire. It took me by surprise as I’m sure it did Christopher Guest. 😉
    (I hope this doesn’t go to spam. I’m posting from my phone. 😉 )

    • Thanks! Glad you tweeted that you’d commented. You with your stealth phone. You never show up as a hit when you use it and your comment HAD indeed gone to spam. It’s rescued now as you can see. I’ll pop over to read yours in a bit. Cheers!

    • Very, very devoted, but also less likely to be shooed off by Security for loitering. I should have made their Stonehenge model 6 centimeters instead of 6 inches though…snort… If you’ve seen Spinal Tap, you’ll get my joke.

  2. Hee! Loved this. The stonehenge reference immediately made me think Spinal Tap, but I didn’t connect the dots until the very end. This was a fun one!

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