Draft One of “Prometheus Unstitched” is finished!

The Seamstress

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Go me, go me, go me!!  I added my two favorite words, “the” and “end” to my superhero romance novella this evening.  26,300 words makes it just right for the targeted publisher’s 25k to 30k word range.  With editing, it’ll expand and contract up to a 1000 words or so.

I wrapped up the evening by checking my email to discover I’d won a free book.  As I tweeted earlier, it was a great day to be me today.

Tomorrow, being me can suck again as I tackle the synopsis of said finished novella.

8 thoughts on “Draft One of “Prometheus Unstitched” is finished!

  1. Woo hoo! That’s awesome news! 😀 My WIP will probably end up around 25k… maybe we could swap (assuming I actually finish mine, of course). Good luck with the synopsis too!

    • Absolutely! I have until 9-1 to submit mine but I’m really thinking the sooner the better. But first is the editing, then synopsis then query though you send the full MS with the synopsis and query. Just drop me an email when you’re ready and I’ll do the same. Gosh, Silver, I haven’t read anything of yours in many many moons. I look forward to it.

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