Read Chapter 1 of Prometheus Unstitched!

Image courtesy of Mills & Boon New Voices

Image courtesy of Mills & Boon

I’ve entered Mills & Boon’s New Voices contest this year.  I have the entirety of chapter one of my superhero story, Prometheus Unstitched, up for reads and comments on the M&B New Voices competition site.

I love roses and comments, if you feel inclined to humor a struggling writer.  You’ll need to register with a valid email address to vote or comment, but I’ll be your indentured servant if you do.**  You can read without registering.  The voting does not factor into the judging, so vote as you see it–it’s all anonymous, of course.  The comments, positive or negative, will help me improve the story for whomever I submit it to next.

Here’s some visual incentive for you:

Image from Fotolia

**Subject to limits and restrictions.  Please send a SASE for full rules and qualifications.  Model on cover is not subject to indentured servitude no matter how much you plead.

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