Six Sentence Sunday — My Fair Vampire #3

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This six, like the past two weeks’, comes from an urban fantasy novel I completed a first draft of last summer, book 1 from The Land Of Enchantment series:  My Fair Vampire.

I’ve shown two short scenes with Dori and her sire, Donovan, at odds with each other.  In fairness to Donovan, he can actually be quite charming when he wishes.  In this week’s six, he entertains his progeny, Dori, with what might or might not be a tall tale from his youth in eighteenth century Ireland.  He has just finished explaining how he bested the Banshee who came to claim his grandmother.  In return, the reaper-like spirit agreed to let Donovan choose his grandmother’s replacement.

I should also note that Dori has already remarked that while Donovan normally speaks with barely a trace of an Irish lilt, when he tells his stories, it re-emerges.

The next morning, we learned the terrible, terrible news that during the night the blacksmith had died.  I told my Gram about my deal with the Banshee, and she said, ‘Ach, a wise choice me lad, though I’d have picked the ol’ witch who lives at the bottom of the next hill.’ ”  He roared with laughter and the rest of us couldn’t help but join in.  Watching him let loose was as funny, if not more so, than the tale itself.

I couldn’t help but quip, “No doubt you comforted the (blacksmith’s) daughter in her time of grief then as well, eh?”

He grinned wickedly, and with a faraway look in his eye said, “Aye, that I did.”

The full “tall tale” is posted in Dori’s journal if anyone wants to read more.

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  1. I really enjoyed how you made me laugh and sigh all in the span of six sentences! Nice work here, I totally dashed off to check out the full tale, too, hehehe! Loved it! ^_^ I’m looking forward to April 2012, that’s when The P.U.R.E. is released, right? 😀

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