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This six comes from my unpublished novella, Prometheus Unstitched, about a prickly superhero costume designer named Cory Blindbarrow, and one of her customers, Theo Richelieu, aka Prometheus Man.

Immediately prior to this six, the pair had discussed the unusual physical effects Theo had on Cory. When he kissed her, the silver streaks in her hair turned black. The effect was temporary, however, so Theo experimented with a repeated kiss and determined the cause. Cory is none to happy with his conclusion, though she can’t deny the truth of it. Theo speaks here:

You want me. You don’t want to want me, but you do, or at least your body does, so much even your hair is aroused by me.” Again he chuckled, loud and hearty. Between guffaws, he choked out, “Welcome to my world and that of every boy beginning at adolescence. It’s not so fun sporting evidence of desire, is it? Kind of embarrassing, eh?

Yikes! I think that would be very embarrassing and one reason (of many gazillions) I’m glad I’m a woman and not a man. Ha!

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33 thoughts on “#SixSentenceSunday — Prometheus Unstitched

  1. I almost had visions of her having a hair-stiffy but that’s just my twisted head being ‘wrong’. Evidenced further by the distractiveness of how close the nipple is to your name on your front cover. 😛

  2. What a great exchange! Love how the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak. Too often it is men who are caught flatfooted, open-mouthed and twitterpated by women. women hold the true power when it comes to eliciting desire.

    Have I told you how much I love the title? Writing about Mary Shelley’s time period and the triangles and mysteries inherit therin, this just strikes a chord.

    • Ah, you’re too kind. I wish I were as clever as you’ve made me, though I’ll take a bow on the title cause I happen to love it too. It’s actually a contemporary, paranormal romance, but you did correctly pick up that the heroine seems like a throw back to an older generation, probably because she was raised by her grandfather. But she does have a bit of a Dr. Frankenstein air to her in what she does for a living.

      • Now you`ve piqued my interest… How heavy is the romance? I’m not big on romance but I am big on great writing and am trying to expand my reading boundaries.

      • The romance…well…I’m not sure. Not trying to be vague but this story started off as more erotica-lite than romance, then I upped the heat some, then I got a revise and resubmit from a publisher wanting more development of the story / world beyond the romance, so it’s been modified twice now. I’ve passed it back and forth between Claire and Lila (my higher heat pen name) but now I’m claiming it. The world-building part is actually pretty fun cause it gives me more chances to hone the main character’s curmudgeonliness (is that a word?). I’ve been tweaking throughout NaNo but need to finish it up and resubmit ASAP! Thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂 I love having you visit my blog, by the way. I hope you’re doing the Dec blog chain. 🙂

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