Spring Break!

Jay Leno in July 2008.

Jay Leno in July 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two days until Spring Break and I’m rushing like a mad woman to square my blog away during my absence. A lot of stuff will be happening here next week and I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to pop in. If the Silverback had his way, I’d be leaving my netbook at home, but that’s most definitely NOT going to happen.

So, on Saturday we’re off to California, landing in LA first.  We’ll do the usual touristy stuff which includes a Jay Leno Show taping.  Would it be terribly inappropriate to a) wear my P.U.R.E. tshirt; and b) bring a poster with my book’s cover on it?  Option A seems like a no brainer. Option B and anything else Andy Warhol fifteenish would probably not fly…but best be prepared, right? In my mind’s eye, Jay plucks me from the crowd having spotted my tshirt (that I’ll wear backwards so the definition of PURE and my web address faces the front) and inquires what the deal is. I enthusiastically explain my debut author status and plug my book, holding up my poster (oh but I wish it were the real book). Intrigued, Jay extols the crowd to buy a copy in a few days and asks me to send him one. That’s how it plays out in my head. The reality will most likely be a long, long line for a seat in the rafters with the rest of the faceless humanity at the taping. Le sigh.

While I’m gone, Blogging A to Z Challenge begins on Sunday.  Have no fear, I have prepared my first week’s worth of posts and set them up to publish at midnight each evening.

Also while I’m gone, the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop will run. Oy! I will try my best to have that post fully prepped and scheduled too because I’ll have a nice prize to give away to a lucky winner AND I’ll need your help in prepping for my April 16th release, help I hope you will give me in the comments as your drawing entry.

My remaining hurdle will be acknowledging comments and visiting others’ blogs.  I will try my best in my resting moments in the hotel or while we are traveling. After LA we embark on a road trip to San Francisco, stopping at points of interest along the way. That’s probably when I’ll do some reading and writing while also enjoying the scenery. I am nothing if not a multi-tasker with an obsessive streak. We fly out of San Francisco at the end of the week, back to the unsunny Pacific NW…and back home.  Ah….

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    • heh-heh…funny how some things don’t seem like work even though they take a lot of time while other things might not take but fifteen minutes but are like the labours of Hercules. LOL Thanks for the well wishes.

  1. Have fuuuuuuuuuuun! 🙂 And I think the scene in your head with Jay Leno is the right one. Yup. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you plug your book there! 😉

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