Blogging A to Z: “K” is for Krispy Kreme

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I used to nearly lose my mind over these donuts when I was a child. They were the brass ring of decadent breakfast foods we could only nag my mother to procure from the grocery store on the rarest of occasions.  They sold out quickly is one reason.  The sugar content pretty much disqualified them as nutritious edibles as far as my mother was concerned (not that that always mattered). We didn’t have a Krispy Kreme store near us; those were all in the NC area. My memory of such was always in a oblong box of about 12 that rarely lasted beyond grocery day to actually be enjoyed for breakfast.

In the late nineties, I got wind that Krispy Kreme was going public. A day after they issued stock, I bought in. Within a few weeks I’d doubled my money. Fearful my joy ride wouldn’t last much longer, I sold my stock about three months after my purchase and made a lovely profit…then watched the price continue to go up, up and up. Clearly the nation wanted sugar in the shape of yeasty circles, and they wanted them hot and fresh from the bakery. Stores opened up all over the country, and when they did they brought long lines and crowds. Enterprising fund-raisers got there early then sold them at local venues. I cursed my hastiness in selling.

Then someone blew the whistle that they were…gulp…not so healthy (probably when the Jareds of the world realized they’d put on a few pounds and it was time to return to Subway). The lines weren’t so long anymore. The stock price plummeted and Krispy Kreme was in trouble. The good news is, I believe they have since recovered and hallelujah for that.

You know, there are some companies you don’t necessarily want to (or shouldn’t) patronize that much, but you always want to know they are around in case you need them. Ben & Jerry’s, Cinnabon’s, Godiva Chocolate and Krispy Kreme are those types of companies. You certainly could live in a world without them…but what fun would that be?

Long Live the Kreme!



Only four (4) days until my debut novel, The P.U.R.E. releases!


See ya tomorrow when we see what’s in store for L!  I’m rather fond of my L post and hope you’ll enjoy it too.

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21 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z: “K” is for Krispy Kreme

    • Sorry my blog spammed your comment, Anna. It doesn’t like links in the comments so much which is not good during A to Z Challenge. I’ll see if I can remedy that.

      I must confess to wracking my brain for a K word. I’m not sure how Krispy Kreme jumped into my head. I suspect my stomach had something to do with it…or my thighs…or my butt…or…you get the idea.

  1. I grew up with cake doughnuts, my grandmother used to make. Doughnut men, golden brown and sprinkled with white granular sugar. Canada didn’t have Krispy Kreme until maybe the year before they started having trouble.
    I tried them and they were ok. Not the same substance to them as cake doughnuts. That’s not to say that if someone left a box open in the office I wasn’t responsible for making one, or two, or three… disappear ;).
    In my experience,in Canada, we go to coffee shops for coffee, the doughnut is incidental, whereas in the States, they go to coffee shops for the doughnuts, the coffee is just to wash them down.
    Now I have a craving for doughnuts, thanks Claire…

    • Coffee is starting to get more props in our donut shops too, though you’re right, they were destination stops for the donuts first, coffee second. Less so for Dunkin Donuts, especially in the northeast where the draw is now the coffee. Dunkin’s coffee is so successful, they sell the grounds now too. My NE colleagues swear by the stuff, eschewing our fancy pacific NW Starbucks snobbery. LOL

      Thanks for visiting, Dale. I owe you a visit back. I’ve seen your “romance” post on my Google reader for a while now but haven’t yet had a free second. I will remedy that soon because your posts are always made of Tim Horton’s coffee, yes?

  2. I remember the Krispy Kreme craze! It’s amazing how consumer tastes and preferences control the rise and fall of companies. I have many guilty indulgences and thankfully doughnuts are not one of them. Godiva chocolates and Ben & Jerry ice cream? Now you’re talking!

    BTW, lovin your daily blog posts.

    • Thanks, Ms. B. I do appreciate your daily visits. I’m pretty good about resisting KK’s until they enter my home. Then, it’s every man for himself. Otherwise, I pass the KK store near my office with nary a glance. Ditto the ones my grocery store sells and ditto with ice cream. Ben and Jerry’s and Godiva are very rare purchases but once procured, they suffer the same “scarfing down” fate as KK.

    • THanks, Jill! I’m on the WW plan and they admonish us NOT to call it a diet but a “way of life”. harrumph…not particularly fond of living this way, I must say. LOL Thanks for visiting.

  3. I loved Krispy Kreme too. Sadly, they are no longer near me. However, I still have the pounds to remember them by 😀

  4. Konfession time: I’ve never had a Krispy Kreme. I realize I’m probably the only person in the land who hasn’t, but I’ve never been much of a doughnut fan. Strange, I know. I’m more of a potato chip gal, myself. It takes all kinds, right? 😉

    • OMG!! No! This cannot be true! Actually though, I don’t usually seek out donuts for my comfort food either but boy, if these babies are around, I’m wailin’ for one.

      Thanks for visiting, K!

  5. I Love Krispy Kreme. I was SO sad when they ran into trouble and closed in my area. My favorite thing about bike week with my husband is the Krispy Kreme in Daytona Beach. Oh I really want one now!!

  6. I never really got into Krispy Kremes. They were good but I didn’t find them as magnificent as people were making them out to be. I’m like Dale though. I grew up on cake donuts. I remember when people were raving over Krispy Kremes and stores were popping up all over the place. I think a part of their problem is that they opened too many, too fast. Oh well.

    Good luck on the rest of the A to Z Challenge! 🙂

    Sarah @ The Writer’s Experiment

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