Blogging A to Z: “M” is for Murderer

Aha! That got your attention, didn’t it?

I really meant murderer as in killer as in Killer Fiction as in the blog I am guest posting on today. I’d have used the K but that letter was used a few days ago for Krispy Kreme donuts, and today is my posting date. Sorry for the fudging, but if I could send you over to the blog Ms. Diane Kelly (author of Death, Taxes and a French Manicure and its sequels) shares with nine other authors today, I’ll be your best friend for life…or at least follow you on Twitter.

I met Diane when I went sniffing around the Erma Bombeck writing competition website to see when the announcement of the winners might be forthcoming. While there, I read about some of the people involved with the annual writer’s workshop Erma’s legacy sponsors each year. There I discovered an author with a series of novels about CPAs with guns and bad guys and a healthy dose of humor.  Sound familiar? (This is where you gasp and say, “Why yes, Claire, it does! There’s more than one of you out there???  How’d that happen?”)

“Aha!” sayeth I upon my discovery.  “I must introduce myself to my esteemed colleague, for our numbers amongst the literary set do appear to be quite meager and even sparser are stories about CPAs.”

And so I did. Diane, who is also the Romance Writers of America’s treasurer (why do the CPAs always get the treasurer jobs? been there, done that many, many times), was a lovely lady who promptly responded to my email with lots of encouragement and after a couple more exchanges offered me a guest posting slot on her shared blog. I’m no dummy. Of course I jumped on the offer and voila! Today is the day.

My post is about being a P.U.R.E.  Don’t miss it or I’ll “murder”* you.

*Just kidding.

Now go here to read my post. I think it’s pretty funny and worth the trip. Then go visit some other A to Z bloggers and see what they have in store!


Two (2) days until my debut novel, The P.U.R.E. releases!”

4 thoughts on “Blogging A to Z: “M” is for Murderer

    • I’m always up for a meme. I’ll have to see what day “T” falls on or figure out which other letter works for it. Thanks for the thinking of me and the shout out for my book in your post. Very much appreciated.

  1. I enjoyed this post and your guest post. accountant was haunting me to get my taxes done on Dec. 31st. I’m SO glad I listened to him!

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