Blogging A to Z: “T” is for Tour

T is for Tour Stop as in Blog tour stop. In case I haven’t mentioned it, my debut novel, The P.U.R.E., released on April 16th. I have mentioned it? Ad nauseum, you say? Oh, well, okay then.

Anyway, I’m on a blog tour and today I’m jetting over to northern England to do a guest post for the very talented Ms. J.A. Belfield, author of Darkness & Light, Instinct, and the forthcoming Eternal and Blue Moon novels / novella in the Holloway Pack series.

I’m writing about what the REAL LIFE of a newly hired auditor for a large public accounting firm was like. Not nearly as exciting as the protagonist from my novel, Gayle’s experiences, but certainly the inspiration.  I’ll also be giving away a commemorative item, just something fun. So even if you’ve already purchased the book, I KNOW you won’t have what I’ll be giving away.

So, please join me on the express train to the Birmingham, England area as we visit Ms. Belfield’s domain.  Check out her site and her books while you’re there.


After you’re done there, be sure to visit more A to Z Blog Challenge participants today! Here’s where you can find their names and link to their blogs. The topics are endless.

P.S. Last minute addition that I had to share.  That little silver star right above the price box means it’s an All Romance book sellers BESTSELLER!  woot-woot!

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