#SixSunday — Happy Mother’s Day!

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This six comes from my in process novel, Sins of Our Mothers (ha!) in which the heroine is taking a test she desperately wants to fail:

Two lines made her decisions more immediate; one line gave her time to evaluate options.

How could it have happened?

She ran through her sexual encounters and could remember none that had been near misses…at least at the time. Two lines meant one of them hadn’t been a miss but a strike.  One line meant she had more chances.  Two lines meant her old life was officially dead, her future wounded and with a permanent limp.

Uh-oh…is she or isn’t she?

Let’s take a quick poll:

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22 thoughts on “#SixSunday — Happy Mother’s Day!

  1. Awesome six. Not only was it an interesting take on a situation many women have found themselves in, you’re fluid writing style really shines.

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