#SixSunday — Impatient Billionaire

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Today’s six comes from my still in process NaNo cruise ship romance, title to be determined.

In this six, our hero, Paul, is standing in a long coffee line, in a hurry and observably impatient. Unbeknownst to him, Lydia, our heroine, is right behind him in the same line. This scene is very similar to the opening scene when they first met, except their roles are reversed. Lydia is going to get her revenge, albeit a highly sugar-coated form.

Macchiato art

Macchiato art (Photo credit: David Robert Wright)

From behind him, he heard a woman say, “There’s one in every crowd.”

Instantly his impatience dissolved, replaced by a smile that couldn’t be sandblasted off his face. Turning he said, “Yes, always that one barista who is way too much of a perfectionist.”

“I just hate that,” Lydia said, her mouth hitched up on one side in a mocking grin.

“Cutting it close, aren’t you?”

“Only one coffee later than you,” she said, bumping him with her shoulder.

I love me some good banter with a little bit of touching.

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