B is for Beginning

GifsThe Beginning…


Clockwork Nessie, part 1

1914 Inverness, Scotland

As was our habit of late, my servants and I partook of the briny air and walked the full length of the rocky beach at Inverness. Although the sun struggled to break through the mist and fog, its victory was imminent.

Despite my urgings to hurry, Thomas and Sarah lollygagged behind, examining the odd seashell or beached jellyfish they discovered. Thomas had insisted on joining us on my scientific expeditions after my father’s death a month prior, despite my assurances that we did not require a male’s protection. I’d never encountered anything more dangerous than a cantankerous crab.

I stopped to gauge their progress. “Come, come. It’ll be high tide soon; we mustn’t tarry!”

“You go on ahead, Miss Blake. Sarah is tired, but we’ll catch up.”

I’d rolled up my pant legs to keep the water from soaking the fabric. The scandal-mongers were already tittering about my preference for men’s attire when at work. Baring a bit of ankle couldn’t be that much worse.

At seven and twenty, I had long ago chosen science over matrimony. The anemic attempts by the local gentlemen at persuading me otherwise had only strengthened my resolve.

(To be continued)


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    • Thanks, Terri! I’m still hopping around the nearly 2000 participants, but I always read your posts in my Google reader, even if I don’t always manage a comment.

    • Thank you, Donna! I do hope you enjoy the story. I’m really fond of it, even though I’m 100% biased.

  1. “I’d never encountered anything more dangerous than a cantankerous crab.”

    My favorite line. I laughed out loud. 😀

    Can’t wait to read more!

    • Thanks, Donna! Concentrated effort aside, it really is a fun month both as a poster and a reader.

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