O is for Orientation


Clockwork Nessie, Part 12

The man took a few steps closer and peered at my face. A smile took charge of his handsome features. “And you must be Ewan’s daughter, Elizabeth.”

The flutters in my stomach did a rollicking jig as I scrutinized Robert. His sandy hair pointed in all directions, cornflower blue eyes crinkled at the edges as he held his smile. He stood about six feet, and possessed a feral edge to his muscular physique and rugged features. Dark stubble, much darker than the hair on his head, shaded the lower portion of his face. No doubt his razor hadn’t made an appearance in at least two days. Brains and brawn with an air of danger–a girl could easily lose her heart to a man like that.

“I-I am. Yes. Did you know my father, Sir?”

“Aye. I did. I had wondered how long before I might receive visitors from the Blake family, but hadn’t expected you quite this soon. Please accept my condolences for your loss.” He wiped his hands on his lab coat, then extended one for a shake. “Robert Rankine, at your service.”

(To Be Continued) a2z-2013-badge-001_5bmed5d

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