W is for Wicked


Clockwork Nessie, Part 19

“Thomas! What’s the meaning of this? Mr. Rankine has not threatened me.”

“Sorry, Miss, but I’ve been waiting far too long to discover the location of your father’s fortune. I’d nearly run out of patience until Sarah and I saw you and the submersible this morning. Mr. Rankine here kindly supplied the rest of the story for me.” He motioned to Robert with his pistol. “Where’ve you stashed the Viking bounty?”

Robert appeared surprisingly calm. “Sir, the treasure you seek is not here.”

“Don’t lie to me! I heard you say you’d found it. If not here, where is it?” Thomas’ voice rang out and bounced off the rafters.

“In the caves, of course.”

Thomas walked closer and pressed the muzzle of his weapon against Robert’s chest. “You’ll take me to it then.”

We had to do something, and soon. If Thomas found the treasure, he’d have no reason to keep either Robert or me alive.

“The submersible is only large enough for one,” Robert said, his eyes never leaving his aggressor’s.

Thomas lowered his pistol and walked to me. “Very well. You go and bring it to me, and Miss Blake lives. You don’t come back, and she dies.” As if to prove his point, he cocked the hammer and pointed the pistol at my head.

(To Be Continued) a2z-2013-badge-001_5bmed5d


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