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Hey there, me again! I’m a Weekend Writing Warrior in the middle of NaNoWriMo here to give you a little taste…not of my NaNo novel but something else, something I stole borrowed! Voleur!! (Thief!)

From Second Chance Layover by Sandra Bunino and Lila Shaw (that’s me), here are eight (8) sentences written from the hero’s POV:

A few keystrokes and BroadwayBoundJD in O’Hare was born. Let the ladies figure that handle out. The smarter ones might guess my occupation as an entertainment lawyer heading for New York City. The larger truth was I had deserted Hollywood for New York’s publishing community, film rights specifically. The much more personal truth was I was fleeing ghosts. I’d never believed in hauntings before. I believed in them now, the ones whose faint sobbing gasps in the still moments between sleeping and waking filled me with crushing guilt. The ones with sad, weary faces who pointed accusing fingers.

Aww poor Cal.

Most of you probably know I also write under the pen name of Lila Shaw. “She” has co-written a holiday-themed blog serial with BFF, Sandra Bunino, that will run on both blogs between Black Friday and Christmas Eve. I’m telling my readers about it too because it’s more of the type of romance I’d write. (Ha-ha, as if there’s an iron curtain separating my Claire brain from my Lila brain. She steals shamelessly from me and this is yet another example.)

Here’s the story blurb, and if you’re interested, I hope you’ll consider subscribing to Lila’s blog so you don’t miss a single installment:

Dec Bunino_Shaw SecondChanceLayoverWhen the mother of all snowstorms strands journalist Charli Tierney in the Chicago airport, her boss gives her a fluff assignment to kill time–investigate the Meet-And-Go dot com social network for airport travelers. Imagine her surprise when her connection is also one of her brother’s old friends…and the boy she crushed on for years as a teen.

Cal Wheaton is no less shocked. Of all the fish in the sea, or lonely travelers in Terminal B, his O’Hare Meet-And-Go connection is Charli. The snarky little sister he fondly remembers has grown into a very desirable woman. And this time there’s no protective big brother around to keep him in line.

Reconnected, the embers of Charli and Cal’s decade-old attraction are quickly fanned into a night of hot passion. But when a ghost from Cal’s past drives a wedge between them, will the layover lovers realize in time that blame and guilt are baggage best left behind?

Cal_Charli_posterGo to either of these sites to subscribe:

Lila Shaw’s blog

Sandra Bunino’s blog

Or, if you are a Smashwords reader, we’ll be publishing each installment on a slight lag, so get it at the blogs first, at Smashwords later.

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  1. Oooh, I wonder why the ghosts? And why are they sad? Good 8, Claire! I like the blurb, love the image you have posted with it. lol “I’m not an idiot.” Nice 🙂 And I think it’s wonderful that you and Sandra are posting this little freebie story! 🙂

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